Meet Our Team: Sidneigh Barks

We’re not usually ones to brag, but we think the people who work at The Lyric are pretty awesome. They make The Lyric the special place it is, and make sure our residents are happy. That’s why we’ve just got to share them with you!

We will be showcasing, one by one, our team members in our Meet Our Team posts. We will be asking them irreverent and thought provoking questions so you can get a chance to know them on a more personal level.Sidneigh 3

For our first Meet Our Team post, we present to you Sidneigh Barks, the newest member here at The Lyric. Sidneigh joined our team as a leasing consultant at the end of last year, and she quickly fit right in. She has been a great support and asset to our team and she has shown her incredible skills and commitment to providing a Quietly Awesome experience for our residents. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet her, Sidneigh is very charismatic, fun and friendly!

We asked her a fun, goofy question—check out what she told us.

Our question: If you could fly anywhere, where would you go first and why?

Her answer: Ireland.

Sidneigh’s family came from Ireland many years ago. While she has not been able to trace back exactly when her family came to the U.S., she knows that it was sometime before her great grandparents. Both sides of her family came from Ireland and settled in the mid-west—what are the odds!




Because of this, Sidneigh would love to fly straight to Ireland and see the gorgeous scenery. Once she’s there, she’d love to get immersed in the culture and explore her family roots. She wants to discover the cuisine, culture, traditions and everyday life in Ireland to experience what it must’ve been like for them. And of course, she would not miss checking out the Guinness Factory while she was there!

How about you? We would love to hear where YOU would like to go if you could fly. Please share in the comments below, and let us know if there are any questions you’d like to ask our team!

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Best Pies in the Hood to Celebrate the Ultimate Pi Day!

Happy π Day!

This year, March 14 is more special than ever because Pi= 3.1415…, and today is 3.14.15, which makes it the ultimate Pi day!

We love celebrating days like these, and there’s no better way to celebrate Pi day than with some of the most delicious pies in the neighborhood!

Below are our hand selected local shops with the best pies—and our team even recommended their favorites!

Pie Bar Seattle

Best place to enjoy a slice of Blackberry Pie accompanied with a martini.

Courtesy of Pie Bar's Facebook

Courtesy of Pie Bar’s Facebook

But they don’t only have sweet pies, Pie Bar has an ever changing variety of savory pies, too—some of the best in the hood!—including Steak and Potato Pie, and the original Chicken Pot Pie.

Courtesy of Pie Bar Facebook

Courtesy of Pie Bar Facebook

And we’ve heard they’ve even had a Pizza Pie among some others.

Courtesy of Pie Bar Facebook

Courtesy of Pie Bar Facebook

As Pie Bar rotates their menu regularly, it was hard for our team to pick a favorite, but the Strawberry Rhubarb seemed to hit the spot.

Courtesy of Pie Bar Website

Courtesy of Pie Bar Website

Check out their Facebook Page for updates on flavors!

High 5 Pie

With Grandma Molly’s pie crust recipe to back them up, High 5 Pie has a wide variety of some of the best pies in our neighborhood.

They’ve got sweet and savory pies alike, but they don’t limit it to regular nine-inch pies, they also offer pies in different sizes and forms:

Pie Jar


Courtesy of High 5 Pie

Courtesy of High 5 Pie

Mini Pies, and much more!

Courtesy of High 5 Pie

Courtesy of High 5 Pie

And our absolute favorite is Almond Cherry Pie!

Courtesy of High 5 Pie

Courtesy of High 5 Pie

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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations to Get your Green On

St. Patrick’s Day is always a very festive day around Puget Sound.  Everyone wants to get their green on with parades, bar crawls and of course, beer!

Looking for your best option for celebrating?  We’ve got ya covered!

  • Irish Festival and Parade: Don’t miss the best place to get your green on with non-stop Irish music, dancing, workshops and cultural displays. For more info, click here.
    • When: March 14 and 15; Saturday and Sunday
    • Cost: FREE, all ages.
    • Time: Noon to 6 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.
    • Location: Starting on 4th Ave and Jefferson.
Photo by Paul Swortz

Photo by Paul Swortz

  • St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl: No actual crawling is required. Take a tour to the town’s best bars where you can enjoy drink specials and no cover at any of the participating bars.
    • When: March 14 and 17; Saturday and Tuesday.
    • Cost:
      • $15 – two day pass
      • $10 – individual pass
    • To purchase tickets click here.
Source: Water Way Cruises

Source: Water Way Cruises

  • Leprechaun Pub Crawl: With a ‘going green’ theme, and over ten local bars to crawl to, it is sure to be a Saturday night to remember. For full details click here.
    • When: Saturday March 14 at 3 p.m.
    • Cost: $10 per person.
    • Location: Pub crawl begins at Kells Irish Pub.

Mayor of Limerick John Gilligan announced that 26 year old bubbly children's TV Presenter Emma O'Driscoll is to lead Limericks Saint Patricks Day. The theme of the Saint Patricks Day parade is Go Green and festival organisers are hoping that a spectacle of colour and sound will fill the streets of Limerick.  Picture Seán Curtin Press 22.

Know of any other fun St. Patrick’s Day activities in town? Share them with us on the comments below!

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Pillar Properties Named Tops in the Nation for Resident Satisfaction!

Our teams are constantly focused on customer service at Pillar Properties.  Its the cornerstone of our mission – to provide what we call a ‘quietly awesome’ experience for our residents.  That means our teams work diligently behind the scenes to make sure the experience inside our properties matches residents lifestyles, needs and expectations.  Being quietly awesome is a focus for everything we do and it is the guiding light of our customer service team.

That’s why we are especially proud to receive the SatisFacts 2014 National Resident Satisfaction Award for 2014.  SatisFacts is a national company that works with more than a million apartment dwellers annually to gauge their experiences.  We are thrilled that of the nearly 300 property management companies across the country, Pillar Properties is ranked in the top three!*

“Seeing Pillar Properties recognized with this award is exceptional but I can humbly say I am not surprised,” said Billy Pettit, senior vice president for Pillar Properties.  “This all comes back to the teams at each of our properties – The Lyric, The Wave and The Nolo at Stadium Place, The Century, The Corydon and The 101.  They are deeply committed to making our properties a special place to live and they are clearly succeeding.”

SatisFacts surveys all residents annually and again anytime a resident moves in, has a maintenance request or moves out. Based on those surveys, Pillar Properties also received an Exceptional Company Award (score of 4.5 or higher of 5.0) for resident satisfaction.  You can see the awards and rankings here.

“This awards shows us that our teams are responding to our resident’s needs and that’s what truly matters to us. We focus every day on ensuring that our property teams are quick to address any issues that arise for our residents.  That’s what makes Pillar Properties different from other property owners and that’s what being quietly awesome is all about,” said Pettit.

SatisFacts is the apartment industry retention and reputation management authority, working with hundreds of management companies and more than a million apartment units nationally.  You can learn more about the company here.



* Of companies with less than 2,000 apartment units

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Valentine’s Day Recap: Love Sucks Party

Anyone can throw a traditional party.  The team at The Lyric took it in a different direction with a ‘Love Sucks’ party!


With our tongue firmly in cheek, we served some bitter drinks (and tasty sweet treats too!) and welcomed singletons, couples, friends and families to help us celebrate.  And no, we don’t really think that love sucks!


We want to thank all our residents who attended, you made Valentine’s Day special for us!

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Washington Multi Family Housing Association Finalist: The Lyric

It’s not an easy task to become an Emerald Awards finalist, but our team members’ passion to work individually and as a team has made it possible for The Lyric to be a finalist for the category Community of the Year!310aerial 5aerial 5


This annual awards presentation, sponsored by the Washington Multi Family Housing Association (WMFHA), honors the top performers in the apartment industry in the Pacific North West.

Emerald Awards

The Lyric is going against two other finalists for this category. The Emerald Awards Ceremony will be held next Thursday February 12, and we will know then if The Lyric is the winner or not. In our minds, The Lyric’s team is already a winner and we are happy to have them in our team.


Please join us in congratulating The Lyric’s team on their accomplishment of becoming a WMFHA Emerald Awards finalist.

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Thank you Residents for your Contribution to Northwest Harvest

We are proud of our partnership with KING5 to cheer on the Seahawks and help fill the shelves at Northwest Harvest.  We hosted a food drive at our property and everyone who donated got a pair of these cool KING5 #twelfie shades!


And while the Seahawks didn’t quite bring home the victory (so close!), the big winner was Northwest Harvest as generous fans from all over Puget Sound donated more than 75,000 meals in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.


We want to thank our residents and everyone else who was part of the food drive, we couldn’t have done it without you!

We donated, too! Our VP of Multi Family Operations, Diana Norbury and VP of Construction and Plan Operations, Scott Haines presented a check to Northwest Harvest live on KING5 News!

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Super Bowl XLIX: Hawks Fever!

We’re assuming all you can think about this week is the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday—that’s all we can think about, too!

Let us indulge in this Hawks fever together with every other living person in the city!

Let’s talk party! Whether you are hosting your own party, going to a friend’s party or going out to celebrate with all other 12s, we have the best food, drinks and places to guarantee you’ll enjoy the Super Bowl!



Impress your friends by making one of these for your Super Bowl party, or bring it to your friend’s party—they’re crowd pleasers!



Don’t forget the Seahawks-themed snacks!


Source: Queen Bee Coupons

Oh, and be sure to make a Russells Sprouts Cheese Dip—get it?

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

What better way to support the Hawks than with Seattle-made drinks!

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

Source: Queen Bee Coupons

For those of you going out—our team recommends these hopping bars in our neighborhood!

Or just stay home and join us in the media room to watch it on the big screen with snacks and drinks!

And remember, ANYTHING is possible. GO HAWKS!

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Time for a Fresh Start: Re-organizing Project

The New Year is time for a fresh start, and what better way to do so than by re-organizing your home! We truly believe that an organized home can maximize your time and allow you to focus on other activities like enjoying the neighborhood or reading a book!



We know that organizing your home can be time consuming, so we focused on the three spaces of a home that would benefit from organization: bathroom, kitchen and living room.


It is difficult to successfully store all our supplies and have a nice looking bathroom. So, we compiled organizing solutions for your bathroom that guarantee it will stay clutter-free.

These hanging baskets could be the best and most attractive way to organize your bathroom supplies.

Source: Our Fifth House

Source: Our Fifth House

A spice-rack can hold all your toiletries and get them off the counter. Re-purpose your old spice racks, or make your own.

Learn the most effective way to organize your items under the sink while increasing storage space.




A cluttered kitchen could be the reason we choose to dine out over cooking, so here are the best practices to have a high-efficiency kitchen.


A Lazy Susan can help organize your refrigerator, and a pan organizer could do the same for your cabinets.

Make your own dry-ingredient containers with this  tutorial.



Get your foil and plastic wrap out of your drawers and into your cabinet without taking up any room with this trick.

Find out how tension rods can help you organize throughout your kitchen!



Living Room

We have so many not-so-pretty but necessary items in our living room. What to do? Here are some great and easy DIY hiding ideas for your living room items:



Two simple ways to hide your router in plain sight: place inside a nice-looking box, or an old book.

Printers can be a bit of an eye-sore in our living room, so hide it in your entertainment center with this tutorial.



Too many books? Make an invisible bookcase and wait for your guests’ reaction!

Ever wondered what to do with the AC/heat controller on the wall? We have exactly what you need.



Looking for more ideas? Check out our Organizing Ideas Pinterest Board, and follow us on Pinterest for updates on all apartment home ideas!

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Going Green this New Year

Happy New Year!

The Lyric and Pillar Properties, we join you in caring about the impact we have on the environment. Our New Year’s resolution is to become even more environmentally friendly, and we have some information to share that will help you do the same.

Our timing is good because the City of Seattle is enforcing a new garbage law starting January 1, requiring all Seattle residents to compost and recycle. You can read more about that here.

Many of us associate being ‘green’ with recycling. But there are actually three steps: reduce, reuse and then recycle.

  1. Reduce:

Reducing the impact you have on the environment can be very simple, by just changing some small things in your daily life. Here are some easy ideas you can adopt:

  • Look for products with compostable packaging (such as Cedar Grove) or suggest that your local stores use compostable products.
  • Reduce the number of disposable items in your household (see #2 for ideas.)
  • Donate your unwanted items to your local Goodwill, rather than throwing them away.
  • Compost as much as you can. Here are some helpful tips:
    • Obtain a compost bucket and bags to compost food scraps at home.
    • Ask one of our team members for a compost bucket and where to dispose of your compost when your bucket is full.
    • The image below shows you what can be composted, for a list of compostable items, click here.

      Source: U.S. Department of Energy

      Source: U.S. Department of Energy

  1. Reuse:

Reusing may require you to think outside of the box. Sometimes you may have to go the extra mile, but it will pay off by saving you money and energy. Here are some ideas on how to reuse your items:

  • Instead of throwing it away, reuse it. Here are five things we should never throw away and how to reuse them.
  • Save over 544,000 trees by replacing your virgin fiber paper towels with 100% recycled ones.
  • Even better, here are three ways to replace disposable products in your kitchen. Tip: if you can’t live without disposable paper towels or napkins, be sure to compost them.
  • Tired of paying for your grocery bags at the store? Do you have unwanted old t-shirts laying around? Here is a tutorial on how to make your own reusable, no-sew t-shirt tote bags. Tip: put your reusable bags in the car so you never forget them.
  • Purchase a reusable water bottle, instead of bottled water.



  1. Recycle:

Recycling is the most common practice of all three steps for many, but the reality is, there is more to recycling than throwing an aluminum can in the recycling bin. Here is how you can do more:

  • When possible, purchase items made of recycled materials by looking for the recycle sign on packaging.
  • Purchase items with little to no packaging.
  • Bring your own mug for coffee/tea to reduce paper cup waste.
  • There are many household items that can be recycled that we aren’t aware of. Here is a list of ten things you didn’t know you could recycle.

    Source: Flckr / CC by 2.0

    Source: Flckr / CC by 2.0

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