Cintli Latin Folklore

If you have walked down Broadway recently, you may have walked right on by this new little gem. Cintli Latin Folklore just moved into the Capitol Hill neighborhood recently and we are so glad they did.


Delicious food, decadent beverages, and rich desserts. And we’re just getting started! The food and beverages are just one reason to love Cintli Latin Folklore. The store is decked out in everything Folklore and painted in rich, bold colors. Just take a look!

Not only is the location beautifully decorated with jewelry and home decor to purchase, but the shop has a wide variety of tasty menu items. The food is all Latin-American inspired and we can’t recommend it enough!

202 Broadway East
(between Olive Way & Thomas St)
Seattle, WA 98102

What are locals saying?

“Cintli adds some great cultural flavor to the Broadway neighborhood.  Painted vibrantly on the outside and inside, they are a coffee/tea shop with Latin American art for sale.  Or they are a Latin-American themed art and gift shop with a full service espresso bar inside. Either way, Mexican “dia de los muertos” decor is all over the place, so if you want a decorative cross or cartoonish skull, this is the place to go.

The interior is super bright and cheerful, as are the employees.  There is a lot of merchandise in the store: on and around the tables, on the walls, hanging from the ceilings, etc.  I’ll be back often for coffee I think, because the atmosphere and art is so much different than anything else in this part of Capitol Hill.” via Chris M. on Yelp.

Have you stopped by? Cintli Latin Folklore is just a 5 minute walk from The Lyric! What did you think?

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