Welcome To The Neighborhood Chico Madrid!

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.42.07 PMCapitol Hill is welcoming an exciting new restaurant to the neighborhood: Chico Madrid. Chico Madrid brings a little bit of Spain to Seattle. From bocadillos (sandwiches) to a classic Spain like bar and cafe, Chicos is adding European flair to Capitol Hill.

Photo Via Capitol Hill Blog

Time to drop everything and head on over for some Spanish tortilla and sangria!

Chico Madrid, created by partners Jacob Daley and Franz Gilbertson of Ballard’s Honore Bakery and espresso-powered by Capitol Hill caffeine and pie slinger Dani Cone, has plans to open — *probably* Friday morning — in its 800 and change square-foot retail space in the newly re-opened Belroy Apartments at, yes, Bellevue and Roy.Capitol Hill Blog

What are locals saying already?

I was here on the second day of its opening and already can see that it will be one of my favorite places.  Its located on Bellevue Ave, so its nice to have a cool spot to go to where I don’t have to walk up the hill to Broadway or up Olive.  I was given a great first impression when my husband and I were taking our son for a walk in his stroller and we were checking out the menu on the window.  I’m assuming it was the owner, or manager, but we had someone come out and greet us and talk about the place.  He was very welcoming and didn’t act snobby when he saw we had a baby in a stroller like a lot of pretentious places do!   We sat down for lunch and some wine (love the Lucky Red!).  The food was very good.  I had an Anchoas and the ingrediants tasted very fresh and it was also really pretty (I was really hungry so didn’t stop to take a picture of it) I also enjoyed the ambiance.  The music was cool but not obnoxiously loud or over powering so you can still carry on a conversation, and it was a nice day out side so they had the doors open.  I hope more places like this pop up on the north end of Bellevue Ave.  I will definitely be going back.” Lisa R. on Yelp

Have you been? What did you think?

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