Postmates – A New Neighbor Serving Capitol Hill

There is a new application on Capitol Hill!

Postmates is a courier and delivery system that allows you to get a delivery of anything your heart desires. The phone application just launched in Seattle and Capitol Hill and we are happy to see them in business. Need a latte or some flowers delivered during a long day? Postmates can help!

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With Postmates, you will be able to order food from any restaurant that does take out in Seattle; have a new tie delivered from Nordstrom; or a bottle of sunscreen if you find out you have surprise plans. The application works great for anyone looking for a break – with the service you can have any item couriered.

What Can You Use The Application For?

  • Have a place across town that you’ve been meaning to try? Take Postmates for a spin.
  • Spilled something on your lucky shirt and need a clean one for a presentation? Have the same exact one delivered in under an hour.
  • Need to get coffee and pastries for the whole office? Have it done for you while you work.
  • Send flowers over to your favorite sister. They’re a courier service too. Postmates will pick up and drop off your special deliveries.

To download the app you can click the link here to download to your iPod and iPad. The Andriod app is coming soon! Postmates gave us a special code for residents to try out the servie. Use code PILLARBLOG for a free delivery for residents of The Lyric.

Or, you can use the following invitation to get one free delivery.

Signing up is easy!

1. Put in email and create password.
2. Open confirmation email and download app.
3. Complete registration by putting in credit card info.
4. Start using Postmates! You can select from an auto-populated list or type in your list.

Have you used the application? What other applications do you like for Seattle delivery?

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