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Super Bowl XLIX: Hawks Fever!

We’re assuming all you can think about this week is the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday—that’s all we can think about, too! Let us indulge in this Hawks fever together with every other living person in … Continue reading

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What’s With All The Sports Talk This Week?

If you are not a hardcore sports fan, you not understand why your sports-minded friends are in somewhat of an apoplectic shock this week. We want to make sure you have the proper talking points when you run into one … Continue reading

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12 Things Residents of The Lyric Should Know About the Seahawks This Season

By now you know that our region’s favorite team, the World Champion Seattle Seahawks, start their regular season this Thursday. Now, for those of you who either just moved to Seattle or aren’t huge football fans, we have provided answers … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About the Seafair Hydros

If you are new to Seattle, a natural reaction would be, “Man, you guys really have an irrational love for hydros.” So for all of our new Puget Sounders, and for those young enough to not quite understand the obsession, … Continue reading

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Celebrate the World Cup on Capitol Hill

Maybe you’ve been counting down the days for the last three years and 11 months yourself. Or maybe your friends have been jumping around telling you how excited they are. But the most important tournament in the most popular sport in … Continue reading

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