Dick’s Drive-In – A Seattle Tradition

If you are a Seattle native, you are already familiar with Dick’s Drive In, located in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, and other locations found throughout the city. If you are not, you soon will be!

Dick’s Drive-In is a burger chain, found throughout the Washington, that offers burgers, shakes, and fries on a cash only basis. All products are sold at great prices ranging from $1-$4.

Dick’s Drive-In prides themselves in :
“The finest beef and buns. Always fresh, never frozen.
Hand Dipped Shakes… Individually whipped for that old-fashioned creamy texture.
Real Potatoes… That’s what makes our fries irresistible! REAL potatoes.
Cut fresh daily by hand.” via DDIR.com

Photo Via hlcdn.com

For a late night out, or a quick lunch, Dick’s is a great option. What is your favorite menu item to order?

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