Eat Local – Your Friendly Capitol Hill Grocers

One of the best parts about living on Capitol Hill is your close proximity to local restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores.

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If you live on the hill, you may have noticed a new friend that has come to the neighborhood – Eat Local.

Eat Local is a neighborhood grocers that sells a variety of organic and local goodies. Whether you’re looking for some free-range eggs, or some grass-fed beef, you’ll find it right on Broadway at Eat Local. If you’re walking down Broadway, Eat Local is hard to miss – a huge grass statue of a cow guards the door waiting to greet customers!

What is Eat Local?

Photo via Eat Local Online

“Over 80 years of Washington farming heritage are behind our passion for real food.

Eat Local prepared meals are hand-made in our kitchen, from scratch, using traditional cooking methods and house-made stocks.  We cook with Northwest grass fed & finished meats, free range chicken and organic or sustainably grown produce.

Our meals are frozen immediately after cooking to maintain flavor, nutrients and quality without the use of added chemicals, preservatives or fillers.” via

If you’ve never been, we recommend stopping by for your next grocery run. The meatloaf is to die for and the coffee creamer can’t get much fresher.

Have you been to Eat Local before? What did you think?

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