Rival Fitness – Get A Great Workout On Capitol Hill

One of our favorite parts of living on Capitol Hill is our close proximity to bars, restaurants, and fitness options. Today we would like to introduce you to one of our neighbors: Rival Fitness.

Rival Fitness offers group classes, personal training, and some of the best workout equipment around. The fitness center offers classes ranging from rowing to cycling to kettle ball training. For a full list of classes, you can check them out online here.

Whether you’re looking to tone up for summer or looking for a personal trainer to get you on track, Rival offers a number of options for every fitness level.

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Rival Fitness is born of Seattle native Jim Mahan’s passion for fitness and expertise in helping clients achieve their personal goals. As fitness professionals living and working in Seattle, Jim and the Rival team are committed to helping you achieve results—and have a good time while you’re at it.

Rival Fitness is just a short walk from The Lyric located at 510 E Pine St. Seattle.

Curious about taking a class at Rival Fitness? You’re in luck. Rival Fitness loves The Lyric and offer all Lyric residents a FREE week experience at Rival. Come on in to Rival Fitness and let them know you’d like to try them out for a week!

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