Macklemore Debuts New Video Featuring Capitol Hill

We love Seattle. From a innovative technology community to a vibrant music scene, the culture of the city never ceases to amaze.

This year, we have seen Seattle artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis rise to fame. Over the last few months, the duo saw world wide success with their singles “Same Love,” and “Heist”.

Yesterday Macklemore and Ryan Lewis debuted “White Walls” their newest single.

The video features shots of Capitol Hill and the iconic Broadway Dick’s Drive in, located just down the street from The Lyric.

The Heist duo then pays homage to their hometown by highlighting Seattle’s iconic Dick’s Drive-In on Broadway with a makeshift concert on top of the building, with hundreds of fans rocking with them. Near the end of the video, before Mack displays his archery skills, the Emerald City’s own OG of rap, Sir Mix-A-Lot, makes an appearance as a tow-truck driver. via MTV

We loved the cameo of Sir Mix-A-Lot!

Here are is a shot of the the crowd waiting for the shooting to start!

Have you seen the video yet? Check it out here.

Did you make it out to the video shoot? What did you think?

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