Foundation Crossfit On Capitol Hill

Looking for a great place to get in shape for the upcoming cookie season? Look no further than our friends at Foundation Crossfit on Capitol Hill.

Who is Foundation Crossfit?

We make everyone an athlete. Our mission is to deliver professional CrossFit training to our athletes safely, and empower them with these means to achieve functional strength for life. Our concern is that each individual makes progress, not how many people are walking in through our doors. Each class and personal training session is given by an experienced, CrossFit qualified coach (and practitioner) who is dedicated to your success and well-being. You can come to our gym, have fun with a kick-ass workout and know that you have done something profound. We work very hard to achieve a specific supportive culture at our gym. Come revel in the camaraderie of Foundation CrossFit and see for yourself. via Foundation Crossfit

At Foundation you will find great trainers, helpful staff, and a team of committed workout buddies. From dead lifts to squats, your body will get a tip top workout.

Looking for an orientation session? Foundation Crossfit offers one FREE! Simply sign up with the following email address:

What Are Locals Saying?

Photo Via Mandy B. on Yelp

I joined FCF in 2012 — and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health and happiness.

The instructors at FCF are professional and engaging. They don’t make you feel like customers, but approach you with genuine interest in helping you become stronger — and make sure the path is customized for each person (read: You don’t have to be Dwayne Johnson to be working out here). They promote general active lifestyle, and there’s no fixed ideal that they pigeon hole you into. They teach you new skills, help you gain confidence and best of all, make sure you have fun. I always leave my class feeling accomplished, healthy and happy, regardless of how I felt when I walked in.

The new facility, FCF 4.0, is large, clean and is a big playground for crossfit enthusiasts. Lots of pull-up bars, rings to work on; rowers and airdyne to help you get your heart rate up the old fashioned way; a changing room and cubbies to store your things; and couches to relax before and after work out.

Finally, this place isn’t just about getting fit and living healthy, but meeting friendly and motivated people who will cheer you on during the most grueling burpee sessions, and then go out for drinks with you afterwards to have a blast. I’ve met so many great people at FCF and they make my classes that much more enjoyable. The people here, the instructors and athletes, are really the best reason to join FCF; because sometimes when I feel lazy, I get motivated to come in just so I can be a part of this wonderful community. If you need any more reason to join FCF other than the great facility, professional staff and awesome people, then consider this icing on your cross fit cake – the resident french bulldog mascot, Appa 🙂 Review Via Shelly J.

Have you tried Foundation Crossfit? What did you think?

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