Liberty – Drinks & Sushi On Capitol Hill

We love living on Capitol Hill and having access to all of the great restaurants and bars The Hill has to offer. From five star dining to take away tacos, you will find everything you are craving just a stones throw away from The Lyric.

Photo Via Ian R.

One neighbor that we love spending time at is Liberty Bar. Liberty offers a mean plate of sushi paired with delicious cocktails.

About Liberty:
Opened in 2006, we are constantly striving to provide our neighborhood with a great place to stop by, relax and enjoy outstanding spirits, cocktails, beer, wine and sushi.

Our primary interest at Liberty is our expansive liquor menu and our scratch cocktails – meaning that each and every cocktail is made with fresh juice when you order it, not from juice pressed earlier in the day or simply poured from a can. There’s no comparison between a scratch drink and any other – and you should expect no less.

517 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

What Are Locals Saying?

Photo Via Latifa S

Ok, this bar is awesome. I was there at 10pm on a Friday and the service was off the charts good. The bartender was incredibly friendly, nice, and not even remotely pretentious. For a place serving up drinks this good it is remarkable to get that extreme of friendliness and good service. I had a sazerac – incredible. My wife and I also shared a plate of veggie sushi that was really quite good and reasonably priced.

Overall then you really have to check this place out. It is genuinely fantastic. I would come back in a heartbeat. They could also get away with charging way more for the amazing drinks. Via Dave S. 

Have you been to Liberty? What did you think? Where are your favorite sushi spots on Capitol Hill?

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