Nature in the City: Get Your Park On!

There are a lot of corporate holidays out there that are really nothing more than money-making schemes designed by greeting card companies. Stuff like “National Greeting Card Day,” or “Buying a Greeting Card Appreciation Day,” or “Teaching Your Children to Buy Greeting Cards Week” are all pretty transparent.

You know what’s not like that, though? EARTH DAY. Earth Day’s all about being down with the environment, which is a pretty tough thing to be actively against (unless you’re one of these people). April 22nd is Earth Day this year, so get outside in your neighborhood and celebrate! Stick it to The Man and go hang out in a park.

“Cool, I am very much into this idea of celebrating the environment, but where should I go that’s cool and also walkable?”  Look at you and your questions, getting into the Earth Day spirit and also showing a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint! That’s an easy one for us to answer here’s your two best options for locations near The Lyric that’ll let you show nature some love this year:

Cal Anderson Park: This one’s just a quick stroll down Broadway, and boasts a pretty expansive lawn area where you can stretch out and relax. Molly Moon’s is right across the street from the south entrance, so snag an ice cream, and spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.


Volunteer Park: If you’re looking for more of a “big trees and flowers” type of outdoor experience, this is going to be your best option. It’s a further walk than Cal Anderson, but it’s worth it if you want to check out some prime time floral scenery. The Conservatory always has great stuff in bloom (it’s $4), or you can simply walk around the park and see plant life, art, and great mountain views.  If you get hungry after all this nature, pop into The Volunteer Park Café for a quick and delicious bite.


Pro tip: Take the stairs to the top of the old water tower in Volunteer Park for one of the best views around.

There’s tons of parks dotting the Capitol Hill landscape. . .did we leave out any of the best ones? Let us know your favorite go-to outside hangout spots on The Hill!

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