Enjoying Nature on Capitol Hill

It’s official. Spring is here.

It’s time to get outside, don a short sleeve shirt, shade your eyes and check out the flowers and nature than have been hiding under the dew and raindrops for the last seven months.

Aside from all the parks and trails in the area, we suggest sauntering north about a mile to one of the hidden treasures in the area – The Volunteer Park Conservatory. A Victorian greenhouse modeled after London’s Crystal Palace, it’s a unique structure made from glass panes and wood/iron frames. Walk around the five room collection featuring bromeliad, fern, palm, seasonal, and cactus.

Volunteer Park Conservatory 2
Image Source: Yelp

“If you like flowers, this place is pretty close to paradise. The exhibits change seasonally, and are artfully arranged to take advantage of color and texture contrasts. Feels almost like it was done by an interior designer.” – Yelp

You get all this for a mere $4 suggested donation, which makes this one of the best deals in town. Then after your visit, walk back down to The Lyric and spend some of that money you saved sitting on an outdoor deck on Broadway. Or just pub crawl. Either way you can get out in the sun, see some fabulous flora and be back home for a sunny happy hour.
Volunteer Park Conservatory 1
Image Source: Yelp | Address: 1400 E Galer St, Seattle, WA 98112

Option 2 is a little further west, but worth the walk. The St. Mark’s Greenbelt buffers Capitol Hill from I-5 and provides wildlife habitat, dense vegetation and trails. It is adjacent to St. Mark’s Cathedral on 10th Ave E, and a steep trail through the southern part of the greenbelt is accessible from trailheads in the south and southwest portions of the St. Mark’s parking lot.

St Marks Greenbelt
Image Source: CapitolHillSeattle.com | Address: 1500 Lakeview Blvd E

Have a favorite nature spot? Let us know below.

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