Mother’s Day: Brunch on Broadway Can Be a Drag

Do something different for your mom this year. Flowers and boring brunches are out. It’ll be easy to treat her (and yourself) to a uniquely localicious experience this year, and it’s one that takes place right across the street.

Prepare yourself for Julia’s Queen of the Brunch Drag Show.


With a killer menu, pitchers, (yes, pitchers) of mimosas, and a live, over the top performance put on by some of Seattle’s best drag queens, this brunch promises to be a unique experience your mom won’t forget. Julia’s promises a “whole new Sunday Brunch Experience,” and they very rarely disappoint. Show off the fun, feisty neighborhood you live in!


The show starts at 2:00, but we suggest popping over a little earlier to get a good seat and get a bite to eat. Once the show starts, things tend to get a little hectic, and you won’t want to miss a second of this show.

Are you doing something a little less wild this Mother’s Day? Let us know what you’ll be up to!

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